Snowboard | Basic II

Snowboard | Basic II

Snowboard | Basic II

Confidence in curving

Introduction to turning by weighting and unweighting the board

360° Slope spin

Short fakie runs

Increased performance on easy slopes

Basic II group lessons

Improve your skills and gain confidence

Usually, Basic II kids
are 10-12 years old.




To form groups

We consider the level of your children, their affinities and the spoken languages.



Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Useful information

for Basic II

Type of terrain 
Red slopes– medium difficulty terrain


Group lessons take place from Monday to Friday.

Monday-Friday 10:30 to 13:00



Group lessons start at Bendolla at 10:30
Please, be at the meeting place 10 minutes early.


On Monday we test the level of your children
so that he / she can join the most adapted group.


 On Friday, distribution of booklets and figurines for Kids
at the Bendolla meeting place at 12:30 (same place as the first day).  


After attending a whole week of group lessons
each child will receive a RiderCard, which will be sent to his / her home address.


Learn more » RiderSystem.


Meeting point for all snowboarders

The Basics I to III meeting point is near the SSBS flag, on your right when you get out of the gondola upper station, at the Bendolla big meeting place.


All snowboard levels

at a glance

BASIC I from age 8 or beginner level
Changing direction with basic turn

>> learn more


BASIC II from age 10 or intermediate level
Confidence in curving, variation of turns

>> learn more

BASIC III from age 12 or advanced level
Extension and flexion turns, swivel turns

>> learn more


KIDS SYSTEM LESSON age 8  to 12 
Using lifts, decreasing your speed, sliding

>> learn more

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