Red league Ski

You learn how to deal with red slopes and become confident with parallel turns.

Prince | Princess

Breaking with skis parallel

Turning steps on an easy slope


Skidded parallel turns

King | Queen

Short turns (on an easy slope)

Skating step on the flat terrain

Basic Air (Small kicker)

Parallel turns (with various radii)


Parallel turns (through a corridor of slalom gates)

Skidded parallel turns backwards « switch »

Single ski turns (easy slope)

Short turns (intermediate slope)

Red league classes

Parallel turns and various types of terrain

Usually Red league kids
are between 7 and 12




Admission requirement for the Red league    

Children who have passed all the Blue League stages successfully
or have equivalent levels.


To form classes

We consider the ski level of your children, 
their affinities and the spoken languages.



Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Useful information

for the Red league

Type of terrain
Red slopes– medium difficulty terrain


Group lessons take place from Monday to Friday.
You can only join a group lesson until Tuesday, at the latest.




10:30 to 13:00

High season

13:30 to 16:00


Classes leave at 10:30
Please, be at the meeting place 10 minutes early.


On Monday we evaluate the level of your children so that we can place them
in the three different levels of the red league.


On Friday, distribution of booklets and medals
at the Bendolla meeting place at 12:30 (same place as the first day).  


Red league meeting point

The red league meeting point is on your right when you get out of the gondola, in the big meeting area.

You will find:


PRINCE |PRINCESS on the left    

KING | QUEEN at the bottom of the red tube    

STAR on the right



Swiss snow league

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All ski levels

at a glance

Blue league from age 4,  beginner level
Blue prince / Blue King / Blue Star

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Black league, advanced level
Black prince 

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Red league, intermediate level
Red prince | Red King | Red Star

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Swiss Snow Academy, expert level
Competition | Freestyle | Freeride

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