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A snowboard school for snowboarding

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Since the end of the 80s, the SSBS also known as the Swiss snowboard school,
has developed and improved the teaching of snowboarding.


Today the SSBS has more than 3700 active members and
represents the only independent snowboard organisation in the world.


As a member of the Swiss Snowsports and the Swiss Snowboard School
we can foster quality teaching. 


Our courses are given by qualified and / or patented instructors.


  All the “Swiss Snowboard Schools” deliver the same teachings. 

The SSBS, with its many professionals, has developed many teaching
devices called “ridersystem” and kids system, 
as well as the booklet system and figurines, from beginner to expert. 



Whatever Swiss School they attend (ESS), children always evolve in the same system,
common to all the Swiss Snowboard Schools.


Find a ridersystem school

ess zinal

Rue du Village
3961 Zinal

+ 41 27 475 13 73

ess grimentz

Amis de la Nature 18
3961 Grimentz

+ 41 27 475 50 60