Freeride Packages

ski | snowboard | telemark

Freeride b.a. - BA

Getting to know the equipment


Off-piste safety

Powder snow

Ski touring technique

Advanced course

Visit of the Grimentz / Zinal backcountry

Routes in the Anniviers area

Hikes : nature and discovery

Becs de Bosson mountain hut







Guide Package

High mountain


Ice-fall climbing


For all Freeride packages,
we advise you to book your course well in advance.


Freeride courses from basics to advanced (1 to 4 people) 
are an excellent means to improve your skills safely in deep snow.


Technical advice and individual teaching, 
and discovery of new areas in the Grimentz/Zinal backcountry.

The b.a.-BA

In order to know who, what, when, how… and above all, why

The freeride basic courses are absolutely necessary
if you want to ride off-piste in a responsible way.


The goal is to make you interact in a responsible way with the backcountry environment,
to allow you to use the equipment wisely
and behave properly in an off-piste escapade.



The off-piste environment

Use of the equipment
AVD, probe, shovel, Airbag
“Reading” the weather forecast




Off-piste safety
*Behaviour at high altitudes*

The off-piste environment

Use of the equipment
AVD, probe, shovel, Airbag
“Reading” the weather forecast

Riding in deep snow

Initiation to off-piste riding in deep snow
The first tracks in deep snow
Choosing a route adapted to the terrain and with a map



Technique in powder snow

Analysis of the snow on terrain
Technical approach to sliding in deep snow
Variation of turns depending on the type of slope
Ease at sliding

Touring technique
*Analysis and advice for the hiker*

Use of equipment (skins, knives)
How to manage uneven slopes and develop your stamina
Techniques for going uphill or downhill, on different types of slopes
Route choice, map reading



Advanced courses

Set off in search of adventure and discover remote trails

Courses from 150 min.



For advanced courses, different packages are available, according to your wishes.
Backcountry skiing, snowboarding or telemark skiing (adapted equipment is compulsory).



Discovery of the Grimentz / Zinal backcountry

Discover the area, off the beaten track,
depending on the snow cover and
current weather conditions.


Routes in the Anniviers area

Discover the large ski area of theVal d’Anniviers backcountry.
From St-Luc / Chandolin to Vercorin.



Hikes: nature and discovery

Get off the beaten track for a ski, snowboard or telemark hike.
Equipment, technique for going uphill and different types of turns.



Bec de Bosson mountain hut

 Hike up to the hut from the place of your choice.


The Becs de Bosson hut, 2985m altitude, 
offers magnificent panoramic views over the Mont Blanc, 
The Imperial Crown and the Val d’Hérens.





Useful Information

Basic | Advanced courses

b.a. – BA and advanced

 150 minutes session
from 13:30 – 16:00



 One day / half a day or other possibilities on request.



Private freeride lessons depend on snow cover and

current weather conditions.

* lift pass, transfer, equipment and meals are not included




Enjoy discovering blank spaces


Feel how smooth it is under your skis


es*motion:  pure and simple





Online booking or by email

We will be glad to answer all your questions by phone.
However, in order to complete the booking, we will need written information.



Thank you for sending an email to

with the following information


to complete the booking


your surname and Christian name
your phone number with country code




Where would you like to attend the class?

Thank your for specifying

 Grimentz ou Zinal  


The type of course you would like to attend

Ski | Snowboard | Télémark


Whether it is
a group class or a private lesson

the number of children with their Christian names and age



The level





Don’t forget to mention

The number of lessons
per week | day(s)
and the dates of your stay in the ski resort.



*****   THANKS : )) *****


We will be happy to confirm your reservation.

We will send you an email with all the information
as well as a link for secured payment.


 * See you soon on our ski slopes *

Anniviers mountain guides

High mountain | Heliski | Ice-fall climbing | Excursion

Our mountain guides will make you discover the most beautiful slopes
of the Anniviers backcountry, 

(depending on snow and weather conditions)


Anniviers mountain guide brochure



Anniviers High Route (6 days)
6 to 8 hours-a day ski touring

April – May 2016  
(dates on request)


Useful information

Anniviers guides

Information and booking

Guide Office, CH-3961 Zinal

T. 078 965 71 20


Fees 2015 -2016


1 pers.           CHF  550

2 pers.           CHF  300

3 pers.            CHF  220

4 pers.            CHF  180

5 pers.            CHF  160



Fixed fee per person, which can be adapted both ways, depending on
committed time, length and difficulty of the hike, conditions, 
number of participants and time of season.




Day Activity

Booking | General terms and conditions

The guide hired by more than one person is entitled to a 10% fee
increase for each additional person.


For hikes with a * in the indicative fees, 
there is a 20% increase for the second person.

The guide reserves the right to limit the number of participants for safety reasons.


Fees agreement for hikes to huts are made with the guide.



All detours during the hike, 
such as additional nights, (huts or hotels),
food and transfer, 
are to be paid by the client.



The allowance for a day’s rest or wait
– on client’s request or depending on weather conditions – 
is at least a day’s fees.



If a client breaks a commitment,
for whatever reason, 
he is to pay the total amount due.



The client acknowledges that he understands the risks and dangers
inherent to mountain activities. 

The client is required to be in good physical condition for the chosen activity.

The Val d’Anniviers huts

The Val d'Anniviers at altitude

Whether you set off from Zinal, Vercorin, Grimentz, the Moiry dam, 
From Eison by the old and mythic Pas de Lona, from Nax or Suen, 
the Val d’Anniviers huts will warmly welcome you
for a night, a meal, or a just a drink and a friendly chat.


in Anniviers

The freeride golden rules

Leave early and come back early

The freeride golden rules


The golden rules for adequate behaviour in mountains



Before the tour


the weather forecast, topographic maps, 
with mountain guides and hut wardens


Prepare the tour
level of difficulty, length, type of known itinerary / listed on maps, 
current weather conditions and forecasts.


Make the right choices

Choose an itinerary adapted to the level of participants
and adapted to the least experienced ones.

The route must be known or listed and must include an alternative route for the way back.



Your equipment

Prepare the equipment adapted to the level of difficulty
(hiking boots, backpack, sweater, jacket, sunglasses).

Make sure you take enough food and liquid.




The D day


When you wake up

Check the weather conditions.
Inform someone about the selected route.


In any case, adapt the tour to your physical condition
and respect the weather conditions.


Respect the schedules

Respect the guides or the instructors’ directions.
Learn how to listen to yourself, listen to others and sometimes give up.


Walk on marked hiking trails

Respect wildlife and vegetation, observe but do not pick flowers.
Never leave equipment or rubbish in nature.
Never venture into unknown terrain without experience or knowledge.



Do not endanger your life to rescue a victim
and check your own safety first.


In case of accident, call
Air Glaciers: dial 1415 or 144


ess zinal

Rue du Village
3961 Zinal

+ 41 27 475 13 73

ess grimentz

Amis de la Nature 18
3961 Grimentz

+ 41 27 475 50 60