For those who want to be “up in the air”

Ski Freestyle


Switch ski

Ollies | nose Ollies

Straight jumps

Introduction to sliding

Snowboard Freestyle

Freestyle riding

Fakie Riding


Ollies | Slides

Midjumps and 180°

Telemark Freestyle

Freestyle riding

Straight jumps

Introduction to sliding


Freestyle ba.- BA

Freestyle riding

Switch | Fakie


Introduction to jumps| 180° | 360°

Riding on ski runs

Creativity on different types of terrain

Use of the edges of the ski run

Freestyle Slide

Approach to the box

Sliding phases

How to leave the box

Nose | Tail pop 

Variation on different boxes



Freestyle Air

Master the 3 phases of jumps

Park technique

Slide ++


Grab in the Air

180° | 360° air



Freestyle ba.- BA

Maintain a nose slide or tail slide on snow

Nose-turn, tail turn

180° back and switch diagonal riding

Straight jump






Freestyle riding

Fakie riding


Ollies and Slides

Midjumps and 180°






Cutting turns

Straight jumps & variations 

360° airs

Park technique



Useful information

freestyle ski | snowboard | telemark lessons

to get the best possible attitudes on slopes, then the snowpark.


Fundamentals to give you
a good basis for snowpark modules.


Freestyle Basics & Slide


150 min. courses
 in the afternoon from 13:30 to 16:00


You can book a private lesson from 09:00,
to improve your slope style and freestyle 
by riding down slopes.




Freestyle Air


150 min. courses
 in the afternoon from13:30 to 16:00


*if the snowpark is open*
(snow and visibility)


Courses with video feedback and analysis (available on request).




Session es*motions 


150min courses
 in the afternoon from 13:30 to 16:00


Be the focus of attention while improving your technique.

A spot, a snowpark trick,
infinite possibilities with pictures and motion.

Meeting point for Freestyle lessons

All freestyle courses
start at Bendolla, opposite the restaurant




Online booking or by email

We will be glad to answer all your questions by phone.
However, in order to complete the booking, we will need written information.



Thank you for sending an email to

with the following information


to complete the booking


your surname and Christian name
your phone number with country code




Where would you like to attend the class?

Thank your for specifying

 Grimentz ou Zinal  


The type of course you would like to attend

Ski | Snowboard | Télémark


Whether it is
a group class or a private lesson

the number of children with their Christian names and age



The level





Don’t forget to mention

The number of lessons
per week | day(s)
and the dates of your stay in the ski resort.



*****   THANKS : )) *****


We will be happy to confirm your reservation.

We will send you an email with all the information
as well as a link for secured payment.


 * See you soon on our ski slopes *

Grimentz Snowpark

The 6 Snowpark | Golden rules

Respect all the people present in the park
regardless of their level or age.


Respect the direction of traffic.


Do not touch or remove park safety signs or warnings (rope, flag, etc.).


Before using the facilities, check them over and assess their level of difficulty.


Always clear the landing area quickly and never stop on or nearby the facilities.


Check that the landing zone is clear before jumping.


Respect the order for departure.


Check that nobody is about to go at the same time.


Adapt your speed for each module.


If you fall, move off the area as fast as possible.


Don’t take risks and don’t interfere with the visibility of jumps when you take pictures


Keep the area clean.

ess zinal

Rue du Village
3961 Zinal

+ 41 27 475 13 73

ess grimentz

Amis de la Nature 18
3961 Grimentz

+ 41 27 475 50 60