es*motions for generations

Leave your tracks on white snow

Sliding down is exciting, you discover a new feeling of freedom. 
Our goal is to make you forget it’s a lesson.


You can choose between 3 levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced) 
and many possibilities in between.



You can book group lessons (from Monday to Friday) 
or private lessons (every day) with a specific goal.


No final exam stress, only a booklet that shows how you have honed
your personal skills at the end of the week



Our instructors will be happy to teach you the basics if you have never been sliding
on snow before and they will make you gain confidence.

Welcome to Grimentz

Pleasure and creativity are our motto.

We want you to get the most enjoyment out of your mountain experience.

Each private lesson allows you to develop your skills, improve your coordination, balance and independence
according to your pace and in complete safety

Ski, telemark skiing or snowboard, according to your wishes: 
we can offer you several packages.

Ski & Snowboard

Enjoy the feeling of sliding down in a wonderful mountain environment

Choose your style

There are a variety of lesson options to best suit your preferences and abilities: classic skiing, slalom, freestyle or freeride


and draw beautiful curves

Looking for a new challenge? two feet bound?

Are you a beginner, a freestyler or a freerider? if you feel like sharing a different lifestyle with its different codes and feelings while reaching new goals, you have lots of choices.

Telemark skiing

The ski ancestor

Free your heel

Do you feel like trying this stylish way of sliding on snow? 
Do you feel like unravelling the mystery of the ancestor of modern skiing?
Or are you just keen on understanding how it works?

Telemark skiing is demanding and requires discipline, coordination and strength



Gliding through fresh powder

Freeride is a state of mind

Feel like living stronger sensations? Experiment a more complex terrain?

Enjoy this challenge with well-qualified instructors who will take you for short trips in powder snow in the Grimentz-Zinal backcountry

Respect for the mountain and nature are essential for that type of activity and your own safety.



The es Team

in sync

Red, blue, red, blue ...

Gain hundredths of a second with the right curves and the right rhythm.

With competition courses, racing gates (special, giant) are no longer a secret to you … 
You will discover a new feeling of speed.


Online booking or by email

We will be glad to answer all your questions by phone.
However, in order to complete the booking, we will need written information.



Thank you for sending an email to

with the following information


to complete the booking


your surname and Christian name
your phone number with country code




Where would you like to attend the class?

Thank your for specifying

 Grimentz ou Zinal  


The type of course you would like to attend

Ski | Snowboard | Télémark


Whether it is
a group class or a private lesson

the number of children with their Christian names and age



The level





Don’t forget to mention

The number of lessons
per week | day(s)
and the dates of your stay in the ski resort.



*****   THANKS : )) *****


We will be happy to confirm your reservation.

We will send you an email with all the information
as well as a link for secured payment.


 * See you soon on our ski slopes *


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