2015 | 2016 season

The Grimentz and Zinal Swiss ski schools now form one body, 
with two lungs, two strong legs and one head that looks beyond the tip of its skies! 


Our qualified and friendly instructors all share their passion with you and your smiles are our rewards.



All together on the peaks, we represent the colours and the quality of our school,
whose reputation of quality has been transmitted for generations, since 1959 in Grimentz and 1967 in Zinal.


To transmit this heritage, we keep working in a common direction,
for more thrill, more fun and more d’es|motions.

ess zinal

Rue du Village
3961 Zinal

+ 41 27 475 13 73

ess grimentz

Amis de la Nature 18
3961 Grimentz

+ 41 27 475 50 60