Customized lessons

For those who want to be “up in the air”



Have the basics and acquire the right attitudes.

Develop your slope style and freestyle shapes by racing down the slopes.

Private lesson from 75 min.
or afternoons from 13:30 to 16:00


Have the right approach to understand modules with confidence and elegance.

Know the basic rules to move in the snowpark safely.

150 min private lesson
afternoons from 13:30 to 16:00


The Snowpark Golden Rules


Be under the lens while improving your technique.

A spot, a figure, the infinity of possibilities in image or movement combined with a technical progress made-to-measure.

Sessions for a day, half-day
are also possible on request.

Useful information

Freestyle classes are available to suit all tastes.

Possibility to book at first
a private lesson
from 09:00,
for a 75 min session.

In a second time,
we offer courses of 150 min.

every afternoon
from 13:30 to 16:00


For all Freestyle courses,
possibility of having a video correction on request.


The courses at the snowpark are held subject to * the opening of the park *
(snow + visibility)

Freestyle course
ski * snowboard * télémark

The track, the park, the nature, everything becomes your space of expression.

A desire to discover the hidden facets
and the unsuspected potential of your means of gliding.

A mound of snow, a hump, a road,
everything can become a playground and give you new sensations.

Discover the secret with confidence thanks to a technical and didactic approach
to pass easily over a slide bar, a picnic table, an S or a rainbow.

Fly over a gondola
with a variation of jumps always higher.

The basics

Freestyle Ski

Freestyle ride

Switch ski

Ollies | nose Ollies

Basic jumps

Slide introduction

Freestyle Snowboard

Forms of conduct for freestyle

Fakie ride

Nose – Tailturns

Ollies | Slides

Midjumps and 180°

Meeting point

All  freestyle lessons
start in Bendolla in front of the restaurant

One school, two offices

ess grimentz

Amis de la Nature 18
3961 Grimentz

+ 41 27 475 50 60

ESS Grimentz

ess zinal

Rue du Village
3961 Zinal

+ 41 27 475 13 73

ESS Zinal