Kids group lessons

A whole week to strengthen your abilities and hone your skills
Monday to Friday - 10:30 till 13:00



Basics 1, 2 and 3 are the modules needed in order to acquire basic snowboarding techniques.

For children 8 to 12 the KidSystem offers a five-day module equivalent to the « Basic » courses, with goals especially adapted to younger riders in order to introduce them to snowboarding without pressure.

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The group lessons start in Bendolla at 10:30

The Basics I to III meeting point is near the flag, on your right when you get out of the gondola upper station, at the big meeting place in Bendolla, following the RED LEAGUE level ski pools, in the direction of the Snowgarden.



The kids group lessons are from 8 years old to 13-14 years old.

For the older and more experienced, we recommend private lessons or customized lessons to get specialized in freestyle, carving, etc.

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The Basic I, II and III are the three modules to acquire the basics of snowboarding and to be able to ride everywhere.

For children aged 8 to 12, the KidSystem offers a module of five courses corresponding to the “Basic” courses, with objectives specially adapted for the youngest to introduce them to snowboarding without constraints.

For fully beginner teens, we offer the variant of some private lessons so that it can join a class in Basic II or III.

At the end of each week in group lessons (minimum 4 days),
the children will receive by mail a RiderCard with the successful level, directly at home.


In a second step, it is possible to specialize in in a specific area such as freestyle, carving, etc.


For adults, we offer a personalized education in private lessons.

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Useful information

Classes start at 10:30 in Bendolla
Thank you for being on the meeting place approx. 10 minutes before departure.

On Monday an assessment is made to place
your children in the three different levels.

The delivery of notebooks and miniatures for kids is done on Friday
on the meeting place in Bendolla from 12:30 (same as the place of departure).

For group formation

The level of glide of your children,
the spoken language and their affinities are taken into account.

We thank you in advance for your understanding.

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